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Just saw 60 Minutes on Express Scripts. "Controlling costs for our clients" is what they say, but not what they do. Their business model is keeping drug costs high and offering doctors kickbacks.

Check this link:

Health Insurance Alert Do not buy health insurance though US Health Advisors. They sell junk health insurance through companies like Freedom Life Insurance of America. It is not major medical. Some basic services are not covered. They only paid for one blood test and limit doctor office visits. They put Multi-Plan on the ID card and you think it is a health network but Multi-Plan/PHCS is not a health network. They only set the payout that the insurance company is liable for. On a CT scan, Multi-Plan set the payout at $150 on a $5100 bill. Google "US Health Advisors ripoff", "Freedom Life Insurance of America ripoff", "PHCS ripoff".


The Montgomery County SPCA links page includes a Shelter Web site list. A Web API on the site retrieves the SPCA Shelters. AJAX on this site is used to fetch the list as JSON. Angular JS is then used to display the returned JSON as links.

SPCA Shelter Web site list
Say Hello to the Montgomery County SPCA.

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10 Medical Billing Overcharges by MBAA

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