This is just a personal web site I use for implementing and learning new technology. It started as a Classic ASP (Active Server Pages) site. I then converted it to ASP.Net (VB/WebForms). This latest version uses Microsoft MVC , C# and Bootstrap (for responsive design). There is also some Angular JS on the Contact page. I am also the web master for the Montgomery County SPCA (in Montgomery County Pennsylvania).

There are many site with sample code and code help so I feel there is no need for me to duplicate that effort. Many of those site use copied code from other sites.

There are some useful links on the site. Check them out..

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IDG Network
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The Montgomery County SPCA links page includes a Shelter Web site list. A Web API on the site retrieves the SPCA Shelters. AJAX on this site is used to fetch the list as JSON. Angular JS is then used to display the returned JSON as links.

SPCA Shelter Web site list
Say Hello to the Montgomery County SPCA.

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