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This green and white background is an image of what was called Green Bar paper. It is was what computer programs and reports were printed on back in the day (and probably still in 2020). The largest COBOL program I remember working on was a payroll program (PDS - PASPR50), printed on about 150 pages.
I have been in information technology (IT) field for 25+ years as a Programmer/Analyst. I created this website to enhance my knowledge of new Microsoft technologies. I started in IT with IBM mainframes using COBOL, JCL and CICS. Eventually, I picked up DB2 which was IBM’s mainframe database. After a few years in full-time employment I gravitated toward consulting (project type) work. I left mainframe work and started programming in Microsoft’s Visual Basic 3 and Microsoft Access in 1993. I worked with all of the VB versions. As the World Wide Web started becoming prominent, I picked up my first web language called Cold Fusion (after a one-day training session). I soon started embracing Microsoft’s ASP web technology. When Microsoft created the ASP/VB.Net framework (WinForms/WebForms), I paused at first but then purchased some training material and taught myself the .Net framework because it represented a paradigm shift over the old VB technology. As the .Net framework was evolving, another language called C# was being championed by the powers that be. At first, I was hesitant to embrace C#, but I finally caved, since most job requirements were requiring C#. I trained myself in C#, which shares the same .Net framework as VB. When the MVC (Model/View/Controller) framework was release I also picked up that technology. The lastest technology to take over has been the Javascript frameworks. Of these I trained and picked up Angular JS version 1. Angular 1 was actually easy to learn compared to the new version Angular 2. And of course there is Bootstrap and responsive design. It never ends...

C#.Net (4.6 Framework)
.Net Core (4.8 Framework) SQL Server

Angular 7
Cold Fusion

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